Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flee Market Finds of the week

Hello ,
 dear lovely people , how are you doing .
I have been busy in past 2-3 weeks with my friend's dadz sickness.
God has been graceful enough and he a sucessful  coronary artery bypass graft surgery ,
and seems to be doing wel.
Now as all is wel and i missed you all a lot ,  i use to visit the blogyland , but havent posted any thing so .... please excuse me . i know you understand !!!!!!!!.
I have few knic knaks from my FMS , [ ie , flee market shopping ].

This pretty pair of porcelin tuskies ,I found on my casual stroll to the market ,
My actual intension was to buy some fruits and bread for the next days breakfast ,
as i saw this lovely pair of elephants i simply fel in love with them , and they were
costing me pennies , thou i was not sure where and how i will be using them but ....
you all know that such beauties do come handy at times .
i went ahead and brought them .

When i finished wrapping the tuskies to the warmth of papers , at that very time i saw these bunnies hiding behind the pile of coffee mugs , ohhh my , how could i mis them ,
i guess they too wanted to tag along and then they did came home along with the happy pair of tuskies. one more pair in my bunny gang.

what was your FMS in the near past , please do share ,
have a happy day



  1. Hi Rachana! Oh I LOVE these cute little tuskies you found!! I just saw some little baby elephants on the Oprah Winfrey t.v. show yesterday, and they are just the sweetest!! They went on to show how smart they are too!.. Anyways, love the little bunnies that you found too!.. As for flea market finds.. I was most recently VERY excited to buy a beautiful antique sewing machine!... Best wishes to your friend's Dad, and have a great day! ~tina

  2. I love your FMS finds. They remind me of the Salt & Pepper hakers that my BBF used to collect. Where are you putting thee elephants . . . they would look so cute in the window of a little girl's room.

    Hope your friends' father is getting along well.

    \0/ paula