Sunday, October 17, 2010




Dear lovely people ,
how are you doing this weekend , i have been too much behind in finishing my sampler i started along with blessing squares , anyways its better to be late then never.
this square i have finished a while ago , sipping tea with my darling momma.
i love tea , who doesn't .
i like my tea to me moderate in sugar , with a  dash of skimmed milk .
its such a heavenly drink , i am not as such addicted to tea but i do take 2 cups of tea a day.and one solid cup of coffee , i like my tea / coffee in nice tall mugs ..............even if i actually fill them half or even lesser .....
i cant imagine to kick start my day without a cup of tea.

from past few weeks i am experimenting with green tea, it is believed to do good for people with high blood   pressure and heart disease,
 and yesss a rich source of antioxidants too , indirectly ,if taken in moderation it can keep our skin glowing .
what are you favourite teas??




At home , we live in a very friendly and beautiful neighbourhood .
and all our neighbours are aunts and uncles . some of them are like family to us in a way that we share  good and bad both times with love .
its amazing how people form a bond with each other , i guess its the cord of love .
we share meals and special dishes , picles and home grown veggitables with each other.
celebrate festivals together ,
and most of the young men and lad are up and about helping any of the neighboring aunt with a helping hand .
i pray that LOrd bless my neighbours and keep them .

ohhhh girlies ...... i need a cup of tea  {CHAI - as it is called in India } now .
offff to kitchen

have a happy  and blessed weekend
please share what all you like the most about your neighbourhood , thru a comment or a like to your post , i always love to hear from you , you make my day.



  1. Hi,
    Many thanks for visiting my blog today. I like tea a lot and I was lucky enough a few years ago to teach in Jenya for a week and visited a tea plantation. My in-laws like green tea but I find it a bit strong. One to try again in the future maybe.

  2. It must be WONDERFUL lived with your extended family in a neighborhood. No wonder you embroidered it as one of your blessings. Your representation is so sweet...but the, you are awfully sweet yourself :-)

  3. Hi to Rachana, the Tea Drinker :0}

    I always wished I liked tea. Mom used to brew hers, in the summer, on the stove top. The smell, ah, I can still smell it in my memories. And the taste, Y-U-C-K-Y ! ! ! ! I could never stand it . . . and i was the only one in the house who didn't drink it. I preferred lemonade . . which has become my #1 drink of choice now.

    Your squares were great. I have always been blessed to live in a loving neighborhood. Even when I lived in my two apartments, and in the dorms in college, I had neighbors who were good, helpful neighbors. I have been truly blessed . . . and it sounds like you have been blessed also.

    \0/ paula

  4. I too am not a tea drinker. I like hot chocolate. I don't drink coffee either. I'm weird.

    Your squares a beautiful as always and I love you bear tea mug!

    My neighborhood - my parents are across the street and my uncle is around the corner.

    And my dear - I can not get an email address for you. I changed something on my blog. I hope it helps you to be able to scroll down. My daughter is having the same problem.

    Have a pleasant week - Denise

  5. I really should spend some time learning embroidery - what a handy skill to have, and your work is an inspiration! <3

  6. Sooooo CUTE!! LOVE your squares Rachana!.. especially that cute little tea kettle and cup!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! ~tina

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  8. I love a nice cup of tea! Your stitchery is beautiful xx

  9. Happy Wednesday to you and your family! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful autumn weather!

    Following you now from Welcome Wednesday.. Please follow me back!

  10. Hi! I am a new follower from Thursday's blog hops. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. Blessings...
    Saved By Love Creations

  11. First off thank you for your visit to my Blog, it is always nice to meet new friends, I sure hope we stay in touch, I think the best way is to become one of your followers, the samplers are just lovely, I need to do more needlework, and yes green tea is something I should be drinking daily. I mean in our fifties we have to take care of what we have LOL. My neighborhood is full of wonderful views, I will have to take pictures one day soon and share. Hugs, Diane

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  13. Your embroidery samplers are super cute!I have been doing a little embroidery here and there lately as well.I find it very relaxing!you're right about the green tea!So good for you!My favorite is chai tea!Mmmmm!=)

  14. These are beautiful embroidery! My favorite is the tea one!

  15. I need tea - green tea - to kick-start my too.
    Your embroidery is very sweet and cute :)

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