Sunday, May 16, 2010


My square 3 is dedicated my darling mommy

Dear friends ,
My mom is a pillar of strength for us at home.
She is a strong  women ,with a mind of her own , very hard working ,and a great fun to be with.
My friends feel more closer to  my mom ,when it comes to sharing there heart ,more then me ,a great cook ,very talented . Oh mommy . how much I miss the food you make .
She is going to be retired soon from her work ,and I want to take her for a long Cruise or any places of her choice. exclusively planning a mother -daughter holiday on her retirement.

She has special love for vintage and have taught us kids to preserve and love nature.

I love you Mommy.
you are precious.......

Mom You've given me so much, Loved me with your heart

and warmed me with your touch.

The gift of life and you're a friend to me.

We have a very Special Bond , which only comes from God...

I'm sure you agree.

As a child I would say Mommy I Love You, I love you even more

As I grow, with each and every new year.

Thank you for ... being my lifelong friend, and Precious Mother.

Dear Lord ,
I want to praise you for giving me this lovely ,beautiful  lady to be my mother.
I pray that you bless her with long life , good health , please help to take out time for herself .Bless her Lord.


My square 4 is RAINY CLOUDS.....................

OHHHHH... how much I long  for rain .we are having the peak of summer here in India,
and every one wants a bit of relief from heat.
whenever I think of rain ,I think of home and pakoras  [ a deep fried ,crunchy Indian snack].
sitting in the garden shade and sipping ginger tea. My dad makes lovely pakoras .I love the smell of earth , after the first rain.

It is very important for the economy of our nation as quite a few of farmers ,depends on rain for the irrigation of there crop.
We even have festivals and folk songs on rain.
NOW . I simply want to be drenched.

Thank you for the life giving rain ,dear Lord.


Friday, May 14, 2010

My Love story with CROCHET

I  have been in love with crochet since I was a little girl,
I have seen my grand mother knitting , sewing, crocheting, tatting etc ..... she was a talented crafter
She taught me crochet and tatting and the rest of crafting spirit came via DNA ,I guess .
my mom does loads of knotting though.
I didn't had much of my teen time around my granny ,she went to be with the LORD when I was 14.
I wish ,could have learned more from her.
miss you nanni * ,but comforted with the fact that you are in better place.
How glad i am that you passed it on to me.luv you
[ * naa- nii- means maternal grandmother in Hindi ],

I have not been in much mood of crocheting big ,but need to play around Mr.Hook so made this yesterday.
I am not sure what I am going to use them for , but they can make many things pretty ,so lets see.
This is very simple pattern i came across in my granny's dairy .

I just can not stop hooking these little flowers.
If any of you want to try this  ,please feel free to let me know ,I will be glad to share the pattern .
It is the easiest of crochet flowers one can hook and pretty too.



Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello Lovely people,

As I woke up today and went for a walk.
I knew what I will be doing for my square 2.
[ sorry for the poor close ups of square, will try to improve]


Dear Lord ,
Thank you for the sunshine,
that reaches us as each day began,
and the embrace of warmth it brings,
help us to remember ,
Thou art is the sun of righteousness,
let you shine through our days.



hello lovely people,
I am able to post my first square .
For other then 'stitch along ' friends , I would like to share with you this wonderful idea of stitching 100 counting my blessings project i came across.
It is our dear Amy's  at Bless you Amy.
many of us girls are into it now .i personally feel blessed to come across it and now a part of this stitch is giving me pondering incite day by day as I am proceeding with the project.

"I have been blessed, with so much more than I deserve, to have the family and friends to love me and pamper me ,to be there for  each other .Thank you blessed Lord"

For couple of days I have been thinking what a load of blessings I have to square with ,I wanted to do it priority wise but eventually gave up .I have decided to do randomly as and what Lord bring into my mind.

I picked a piece of casement fabric with a lot of satin \ silk floss.


When the world comes crashing in
and chaos rules my mind,
I turn my heart to you,Oh Lord,
and pure sweet peace I find.

you lift me out of trouble
you comfort me in pain;
you nourish , hear and cleanse me,
like cool,refreshing rain.

In times of joy and bless,
when things are going right ;
you lift me even higher,
and find me with delight.

You listen to my prayers
you hear my every plea;
I am safe because I knew
you are always there for me

Jonna Fachs


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Love you Mommy

Happy Mother's day to all the lovely Moms over there.
I am missing my mommy so very much today [as i often do].
there is nothing like sharing with her and wisdom she pore into my days.
I stay away from home so couldn't see her .I have posted her a bag full of her favourite goodies.
Also as she love things made out of recycling ,i made sturdy paper coasters for her using the old magazine pages.
I wish ,I could cook her favourite dinner and take her to a good spa.
I hope to  see you soon mommy .[as i am planning to visit her soon]
Thankyou mom, for being there for me and helping me to shape into a better person ,fro teaching me the first step i walked and the first language i learned ,for being the pillar of strength for me.

Wish you all happy mother's day to all daughters and sons who knew how to make this day and the days to come ...Special for their mothers.