Sunday, October 17, 2010




Dear lovely people ,
how are you doing this weekend , i have been too much behind in finishing my sampler i started along with blessing squares , anyways its better to be late then never.
this square i have finished a while ago , sipping tea with my darling momma.
i love tea , who doesn't .
i like my tea to me moderate in sugar , with a  dash of skimmed milk .
its such a heavenly drink , i am not as such addicted to tea but i do take 2 cups of tea a day.and one solid cup of coffee , i like my tea / coffee in nice tall mugs ..............even if i actually fill them half or even lesser .....
i cant imagine to kick start my day without a cup of tea.

from past few weeks i am experimenting with green tea, it is believed to do good for people with high blood   pressure and heart disease,
 and yesss a rich source of antioxidants too , indirectly ,if taken in moderation it can keep our skin glowing .
what are you favourite teas??




At home , we live in a very friendly and beautiful neighbourhood .
and all our neighbours are aunts and uncles . some of them are like family to us in a way that we share  good and bad both times with love .
its amazing how people form a bond with each other , i guess its the cord of love .
we share meals and special dishes , picles and home grown veggitables with each other.
celebrate festivals together ,
and most of the young men and lad are up and about helping any of the neighboring aunt with a helping hand .
i pray that LOrd bless my neighbours and keep them .

ohhhh girlies ...... i need a cup of tea  {CHAI - as it is called in India } now .
offff to kitchen

have a happy  and blessed weekend
please share what all you like the most about your neighbourhood , thru a comment or a like to your post , i always love to hear from you , you make my day.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hello lovely people ,
how are you all doing in the season of fall,
with loads of dry leaves and fewer and fewer flowers in the garden,
I love the crunchy sound of dry leaves under my feet as i walk thru my green patch......
yes , its still greeny green  .Life is going good and heactic both at the same time for me .
no matter how busy we get , there are some things we simply love to do , and i love to read all the posts from you all , lovely ladies there and all the happy , crafty , decor blogs i follow.

If i dont do somthing crafty for a while , i start getting restless ,then i knew that its time and i need to fix it . few days back i was simply sitting and suddenly felt my skippy hearty , jumping to make something crafty . I landed up making lots of these simple yet happy ORIGAMI hearts .
I couldnt help , but to share them with you , this is my first ever tutorial and please let me know if i can make it more better we all love hearts , in all forms , shapes , textures and colours ...... isn't it .i hvae these step by step pictures of ..... how to fold .....

I simply made a string of hearts with a piece of left over jute and hanged it .
you can a lot with these ORIGAMI HEARTS , i have used them for writting simple sweet
messages for mom , leveing them to the coener table next to her bed and they did brought smiles to her lovely face .
i have used them as the gift tags or simply glued them to the gift box.
as the festivity of Christmas in nearing they come handy at times .
hope you all enjoyed these lil hearts .i look forward to hear from you and may be you can come with many more crafty uses of them. i would love to learn from you.

Tea rose home is having a linky party at her blog and these the simple one
has to follow to link to the linky party

1. Please post something YOU made. It doesn't matter if it is crochet, quilt, clothing, anything would be fine. I want to see it! If you use someone's idea or patterns please give them the rightful credit.

2. Link to your specific post, that way it is easier for everybody to find and read it.

I have linked my ORIGAMI HEART to the linky party


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flee Market Finds of the week

Hello ,
 dear lovely people , how are you doing .
I have been busy in past 2-3 weeks with my friend's dadz sickness.
God has been graceful enough and he a sucessful  coronary artery bypass graft surgery ,
and seems to be doing wel.
Now as all is wel and i missed you all a lot ,  i use to visit the blogyland , but havent posted any thing so .... please excuse me . i know you understand !!!!!!!!.
I have few knic knaks from my FMS , [ ie , flee market shopping ].

This pretty pair of porcelin tuskies ,I found on my casual stroll to the market ,
My actual intension was to buy some fruits and bread for the next days breakfast ,
as i saw this lovely pair of elephants i simply fel in love with them , and they were
costing me pennies , thou i was not sure where and how i will be using them but ....
you all know that such beauties do come handy at times .
i went ahead and brought them .

When i finished wrapping the tuskies to the warmth of papers , at that very time i saw these bunnies hiding behind the pile of coffee mugs , ohhh my , how could i mis them ,
i guess they too wanted to tag along and then they did came home along with the happy pair of tuskies. one more pair in my bunny gang.

what was your FMS in the near past , please do share ,
have a happy day