Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Hello lovely people,

So how are you doing .Summer heat is peaking up day by day over here in my side of the world.

Forunately i have a nice ,cool place to live in .

Today , I want to share with you an unique art from my country.

its interstingly beautiful and charming ........

we call it RANGOLI....

Rangoli means a circle or geometrical shape made out in multiple colours.

but these not the regular colours ......these wounderful colours are made up of white stone dust ,

dyed in multiple colours,as the ladies here put much efforts in making them every day and on

special days over the floor in the varandah or at the enterence of house .

its a welcome sign for the new day .

These once i made with the help of few friends ,as this i very large in size and takes few hours.It was done on the occassion of the golden jublee of the Mission Hospital i was working before.

Hope you enjoy this colour spread.

I have done some in painting and abstract forms too,if you are interested then ,I will be back with them

on another colour spread day. Thankx for visitng my blog.



  1. These are both so beautiful and colorful! Thank you for sharing this tradition with us.

  2. Hello Rachana,
    Thanks for stopping by,
    this really was an interesting post.
    So nice to see beautiful things.
    Hugs to you,

  3. nice rangoli.... missing this kind of stuff in US.

  4. How lovely! I saw some once before, but had forgotten it. I don't think I'd have the heart to do it in dust to be blown away. I look at it and think that these designs would make beautiful embroidered quilts (solid color fabric and white lines of embroidery).

    I adore your paintings at the top and bottom of the blog, too. Just beautiful!

  5. Hi Rachana! I love these bright beautiful colors, and am wondering where you are from! The Spring season is here, but I'm afraid the weather is not very sunny today. We had a good dose of rain, with thunder and lightening here! But yes, inside it is warm and dry. Conditions are very comfortable for working on my 100-Blessings project, so I'm sure I will get to stitch a blessing or two today! I think it would be wonderful if you could join us! Other girls are just starting too, so you are not too late. Just go to this blog address...


    See her FIRST post (April 21), and there she tells you the details you will need to know. She provides a red-highlighted link to click, so that you can email her, and tell her you would like to join in on this project! If you do, please let me know, and keep in touch! I would love to follow along and see how your project develops. It's been a fun experience so far, and very good for the soul too! ~tina

  6. hi Rachana, this is so very cool, thankyou very much for sharing. I've heard of these before, they are so very special, to remind us to live in the moment and that nothing is truely permanent. I hope you have a great day today <3

  7. Oh how beautiful! What a lovely tradition!

  8. Hi Rachana, Thanks for visiting my blog for the stitchalong. I'm sorry to say I haven't done anymore on it yet. Like Beansieleigh said, it's not too late to join in. I don't think there's a deadline. I sure won't make it if there is! I'm just looking forward to counting God's many blessings on my life and making friends along the way... I love the artwork in this post and your paintings are so pretty and tranquil.

  9. Hi, Rachana....Please come along on our stitchalong. You are so talented. I love your beautiful art work. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for sharing your tradition with all of us. Hugs...Genie