Monday, August 16, 2010



Vacations ..............


 this word has a great feel ,even a thought of it is refreshing.

how much we folks ,

look forward towards spending time hoidaying .

White sand beaches, lucious palm trees,

Pitch my tent and settle in,

                                         I am  here for awhile ,

                                    in My vacation  dream ! Ohh ,
                                         how much i look forward ,

                                      to be in the woods and natures trail ,

                           to relish the foods and  people of culture and craft.

                          Dear Lord thank you that we could ,

                           lie down and relax as we move ,
                             out of the hustle and bustle of life ,

                          to feel you more closer in the solitude of nature.

                               BLESSING SQUARE  - 13 :  STARS

How much i love to gaze the sky while ,on my terrace.

have even tried counting them.

how i use to  love those twinkling little stars as a child and guess i will never

grow old for that .
and yes the twinkilng star is also a sign for hope for me
it remind me of my saviours birth , a giuding star.

how much i missed being away from bloggy land and all of you.
hope to hear from you ,wish you all good time.




  1. Hi Rachana - On vacation again. Lucky you!Glad to see you back.
    Yes, we are reversed in how many blessings we have done. But, you have a good start!
    The stars - I did the moon - but never thought of the stars! Shoot!
    Thank you for your reassurance my sister will be well. Her bp is still not normal. Pre-eclampsia. Alivia is doing well and is a fighter!
    Hope to see more of you in bloggerville!
    Smiles -Denise

  2. Hi, is Genie....Glad to see you are saving a little time for your embroidery. These two are so sweet. I love your lounge chair and the sky with the stars. I have done a couple more squares, but have gene working on my quilts lately. Hope all is well way far away in India.

    Love you,

  3. LOVE both squares . . . you have quite the touch with your needle and threads . . .you place your stitches in a manner that is so pleasing to the eye.

    :0} paula

  4. Very nice work Rachana,
    thanks for stopping by
    Hugs Suex

  5. Hello Rachana! Thank you so much for visiting me, leaving a comment and following too! I love your wise words, and your squares are wonderful. Hope you are enjoying your holidays! Visit again soon! I am following you too! Susie xxx

  6. Hi Rachna

    I am manju thanks for visiting my blog and appreating my work.I tried to send you mail but it is not going trough.
    I have just finished an exibition so i have just some left over only which is not so perfect so once i make new products i wll mail u the pic so u can choose .I am settled in kerala Cochin.

  7. Thank you for the lovely comment! Is this your needlepoint? It is so pretty! And yes vacation...what would we do without it?!

  8. Miss Rachana -

    You do not need to send me anything! I am just happy to have completed this sampler. I really was reminded that God is everywhere and in everything. But, I would love to get an email from you! So, at your request here is my email -

    Can't wait to see more of your sampler and hear of your vacations!

    Smiles - Denise